North Cyprus offers; favorable, extraordinary, enjoyable, mystic, spiritual and peaceful holiday environment for you any season of the year. Cyprus, third biggest island of the Mediterranean is always desired in every period of history for strategic, political, commercial and religious reasons, and does not lose its charm at any time.

Northern Cyprus is in many ways a surprising synthesis between eastern and western cultures; and with its rich multicultural heritage, in every part of the country you will find ancient monuments and sites that belongs to more than 11 thousand years of civilization and history makes the country exceptionally beautiful.

Tourism is one of the leading growth sectors in North Cyprus and all authorities places a high degree of priority to the development of this sector. In line with increasing visitor arrivals, Northern Cyprus offers a wide range of accommodation from 5 star luxury hotels to holiday villages. Addition to swimming in crystal water, soaking up the sun 300 days of a year, North Cyprus offers wide range of special tourism products such as bird watching, golfing, turtle watching, diving, historical site visit, nature visits, eco/agro-tourism, walks to endemics, traditional village fests.

It is quite colorful in the night life of Cyprus. There are many entertainment places in Kyrenia, Cyprus. You can go to any one of these places and enjoy the safe entertainment.


Choosing a property of your need and expectations is very important task as this place may become your favorite home. And ıf you are planning to settle here, you should consider your life style preferences . There are many options to choose like apartment , penthouse ,villa,bungolows etc . We are happy to advise you on choosing your dream property and guide you through the whole process of purchasing and have a comfort at living in North Cyprus.

Likewise, if you have selected an investment property, the schools for your kids ,you may consider university for yourself.

In case you are looking for investment purposes property , we can advise you on rental opportunities at your house or apartment.
Kuzey Kıbrıs`ta bir mülk satın almaya karar verdiğinizde satın alma sürecinde size yardımcı olacak bazı ayrıntıları aşağıda belirttik .

1 – Choosing the Property

Now that you are close to decision to visit North Cyprus and view properties for sale, there is much for you to learn. Here we have collected some important details to help you through the buying process.

2 – Define your budget
It is important to set your budget in a realistic way. In this way, you can focus on finding a property that you will be 100% comfortable . By determining how much money you can make as a payment, you can find options that meet your financial needs correctly.

3 – Define to timeframe
You must determine the construction timeframe of your property is suitable for you. The project-stage properties have many advantages, such as low prices and long-term payment plans. In addition, the project phase allows your property to go as planned. Often, you can choose materials and colors for your fixtures, including flooring, countertops and cabinets.


If you purchase property from Ardem Construction, we will guide you through the whole process as Ardem Construction. If you are coming from abroad , we are host you 3-day with the best service in North Cyprus.

During the purchase process, Its spoken about the price . However, the purchase conditions are created. Payment plans vary by property purchased. While this price is higher for a completed property close to the end, this price is reduced to 20% for the properties under construction.

You must provide full details of the property to be purchased to your lawyer during the purchasing process. There are many processes that the lawyer will have to complete on your behalf. When necessary, the lawyer has the duty to pay for your property with your consent, to obtain the necessary permission to buy property, to apply to the government offices, to take action on your behalf under the power of attorney, to approve all government documents.

When the permission is obtained from the Council of Ministers in Northern Cyprus, the you can register your name as the legal owner of the property in Northern Cyprus. The lawyer informs the buyer after it’s issued and fill in the necessary deed registration forms for valuation of property . After taxes begin to be paid. Taxes are calculated according to land Office.Charges :

% 6 Deed Registration Transfer Fee,(or %3 ones in a life exception per person)
% 5 VAT,
%0.5 stamp price must be paid on the contract value after signing the contract.

Property infrastructure payments vary from project to project .For more details please contact us.